Strategy, Corporate Design and Brand Management

Our teams consists of designers, strategists, analysts as well as communication and media experts. We all are great story-tellers.

We help our clients stand out from their competitors – both strategically and visually – and leave lasting impressions in the minds of their target groups.

In addition to professional design and its implementation across all relevant media channels, we analyse markets and concepts, conduct workshops, develop brand concepts, and show you ways to further enhance your brand. Our strategic approach coupled with systematic design and passion leads to innovative, strong and sustainable brands.

Tell me something special.

In a world where products become increasingly interchangeable, emotional benefits grow more important than ever in the field of communication. A brand story creates distinctiveness and identification: brands turn into personalities. Consequently, the willingness to buy rises as well as customer loyalty – ultimately leading to increasing sales figures. Our aim is to create sustainable strategies and exciting design solutions. What does this mean for our work?

We’re into understanding.

First, we examine the market environment and analyze the existing design as well as touchpoints between product and target group.

We’re into reaching out.

Now that we have become familiar with the brand, we develop the strategy and the brand story. On that basis, future-proof concepts, messages and a holistic corporate design are created.

We’re INTO Branding.

Only the professional implementation and long-term maintenance of a brand ensures a consistent and effective brand appearance.

Tell me something real. 

Innovative ideas and strategies convey the basic concept that brings a brand to life. We believe that the success of a brand depends on three main factors:


Consumers love a distinct message they can link to the brand. A clear focus forms the basis for effective market positioning.


The brand strategy has to be aimed at the target audience and be represented in the corporate design. When both strategy and its visual implementation go hand in hand, the brand story is credible.


The root of long-term trust and customer loyalty lies in a genuine brand promise that is kept at all times.

Some of our clients

Our latest projects

Metzger & Sohn

Metzger & Sohn stands for unmistakable Tyrolean flavors. As a virtual selling point for alpine meat from Tyrol, Metzger & Sohn offers its customers a culinary world of flavors full of mountains, juicy herbs and cozy parlors.

Metzger & Sohn

Bistum Passau

The Diocese of Passau is a Roman Catholic diocese in Germany and a suffragan of the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising. It covers an area of 5,442 km² and is famous for its St. Stephen's Cathedral, a baroque church from 1688 and seat of the Catholic Bishop of Passau.

Bistum Passau

Carl Schaefer

Carl Schaefer, a gold and silver refinery, has been an expert for processing gold, silver and platinum since its founding in 1861. It is a competent partner for precious metal industries, creative crafting, jewellers and private customers.

Carl Schaefer


Troyan is a municipality in Central Bulgaria with a territory of 88,885 km². It used to be a fast-growing industrial region, but with post-Soviet transitions it lost its importance. To counteract this downward trend, the local administration pursued a strategic realignment.