Our work: strategic and passionate

The goal is to find and communicate the essence of a brand.

A typical project at INTO follows the form of an hourglass: First, we analyse all relevant factors on a broad level – also along with our customers in joint workshops. All the information gained is then compressed to the brand platform.

Here, brand positioning, USP, customer relevance as well as brand values and brand idea are
documented. The brand platform is the basis for all further steps like naming, design and implementations of all kinds.


Analysis, interviews and workshops are our main tools to purposefully position brands. In the first step, we collect and evaluate all relevant information. We take a closer look at your competitors and market conditions and analyze the target groups. Subsequent strategic studies are accompanied by a visual analysis and assessment of your brand appearance.


An individual understanding of the current positioning, possible opportunities and risks, expectations and competitive situation is very important to us. In addition to an internal survey, on request we perform external interviews with selected target groups and compare the respective results.

Market and competitor analysis

We study the current market situation and show potential opportunities and risks - with special focus on market positioning, business model, target groups, trends and technical developments.

Design quality and consistency

From a design perspective, you should be aware of quality, consistency and efficiency of the visual language and tonality of your brand identity. We analyze your visual equity and show potential for improvement of the individual design elements. We compare our results with the findings from the interviews as well as the market and competitive analysis and recommend next steps. At the same time, we analyze the visual standards of your industry and your competitors, and highlight creative benchmarks and relevant role models.

Customer Journey

We investigate how the target audience interacts with your brand and your offerings in real life situations. By analyzing customer touch points, we gain valuable insights on how your brand promise is delivered and which stages of your customer interaction need improvement the most. As a result, we propose recommendations to strengthen and better communicate your brand values at each touch point. Each touch point between brand and customer should be a positive experience and offer an opportunity to exceed expectations and be remembered in a positive way.

Marketing audit

What are weaknesses and problems in the way of carrying out marketing related activities and actions? In the context of dynamic market environments, we develop concrete recommendations to improve the marketing performance of your business and gladly help to implement identified measures.

> INTO Report

In our INTO Report all results from the individual modules are processed, summarized and interpreted. You will receive specific approaches and recommendations for further development of your brand:

> What are the potentials to raise your brand profile and stand out from competition? How can you achieve a better perception with your customers?

> Does the visual appearance reflect your self-image and brand message? How can the visual identity of your brand be improved?


The focus of the core values ​​and vision of a brand are defined in this phase. Together we work out what makes your brand unique and distinctive. With the following strategic modules an individual brand platform is created that give your brand an unique character.

Mission statement

A clear vision and mission behind your brand helps to foster motivation, commitment and success. Together with your management, we develop the guiding principles in a facilitated process and then outline the importance and objectives for individual business divisions. The values of your company provide guidance and help to clarify the self-understanding of your business. Actions and behaviours in the interest of the company and in compliance with your quality standards are ecouraged and the external perception positively reinforced. Together, we sharpen your existing corporate values or discover new ones in line with a future positioning.

Brand promise

The relationship with customers is strongly influenced by direct and indirect communication. Customer satisfaction and customer loyalty is achieved by meeting customer needs and the associated brand promise. Compliance is essential for a positive brand image. Together with you, we define measures to not only meet customer expectations but to exceed them wherever possible.

Brand idea and story

We believe that a strong idea makes a brand unique and the core of every brand is an emotional story. It helps not only to differentiate - it reflects the strategic brand thinking. A brand story creates identity and distinctiveness: That is how brands become personalities. The story behind a brand should also be lived and communicated to the colleagues and employees. We ensure that your brand engages and stands out from competition.

Brand differentiation

Customer decisions are strongly influenced by unique features of a company: What added value does a product or service have compared to competitors? How is it relevant to the customers? Based on the brand positioning, we jointly develop and communicate these features.

Strategic Brand Prism

The Brand Prism is our platform to summarize the character of your brand. Thereby, verbal and visual elements are combined. The simplicity of the Brand Prism makes it easy to get a feel for the subsequent expression of the brand and derive brand-related decisions and actions.

All strategic brand modules combined form the Strategic Brand Prism. Not only does it have to be sustainable, differentiating, relevant and credible, but also practicable and feasible at the same time. It is the starting point for the entire brand communication and behaviour of your employees - both internally and externally.

Visual Brand Prism

Through discussion and analysis, objects and symbols are found that match the brand character, visualize the strategic direction and provide a first indication for a design development. This enables us to visualize the character of your brand at an early stage of the project in a very diverse and engaging way. The creation of the visual brand prism takes place in a workshop sequence. It can also be developed based on the results of the analysis phase. However, experience shows that close cooperation with staff from all levels is advantageous.


The name of a brand is the first signal that a customer perceives. We develop names and naming systems which evoke the right associations and have a distinctive sound.

Tone of voice

Tone of voice is the particular tonality in the interaction with customers and employees. It specifies the way of brand communication, i.e. whether the customers are addressed in an emotional or rational way.

Tag line development

In conjunction with the brand mark, a claim summarizes the basic orientation of your company. Concise and ”crisp“, it has to communicate added value, core competencies, company philosophy or product benefits . We develop lasting tag lines which go hand in hand with your marketing strategy.

Brand architecture

A meaningful architecture of corporate and product brands provides clear internal structures and sharpens the external perception. We analyze systematic relationships and work with you towards a clear brand portfolio. In this way, all brands of your company can exert their maximum effect.

Brand strategy

A brand strategy can be defined as a long-term and global behavioural plan to achieve the brand objectives. The ultimate goal is to build a brand and increase its value. We describe the direction in which the positioning is executed in the long term and in a credible way – all based on the brand platform. The brand strategy sets out in detail the division of a company, the time frame, the kind of measures and the people involved to reach the strategic goals and to ensure the financial success of the company.

> INTO workshops

Based on the analysis results, we conduct workshops to sharpen your profile and develop a strategy. The focus lies on determining the future orientation of your brand and creating a common understanding.


Not only aesthetics and emotional factors play a role in design but also its functionality. We believe that all design elements such as brand mark, imagery style, corporate font, brand colors and other elements should harmonize as a system which communicates the core values of the brand and thus creates a distinctive and consistent image.

Brand mark

A logo is often the first touch point with a product or company. For this reason, a brand mark should be unique, memorable, and communicate an essence of the brand story. Other factors, such as optimized reproducibility and harmonization with the graphic system, play an important role as well.


Fonts play a great role in making the brand appearance unique and distinguishable. In addition to factors such as legibility and tonality, the overall visual appearance is influenced by the right font choice as well. We provide extensive typographic solutions, from the compilation of font systems to individually designed typefaces.

Corporate colours

Colors are a main element to influence the perception of a brand. Additionally, a well thought through color system will help to facilitate brand architecture and link sub brands back to the mother brand. We develop harmonious color systems and integrate them into the corporate design.

Imagery style

Often, images are communicating more emotions than words. Our imagery concepts convey the brand message and create positive associations with your customers. The conscious use of focus and blur, perspective, light, format, cropping or tonality creates uniqueness and helps to sharpen the brand image. We develop key images that become a vivid element within your brand communication and help to increase recognition with your customers.

Further design elements

Besides logo, font, colors and imagery, it is recommended to complement the look & feel with further graphical elements. Those can provide structure and increase the recognition of your brand. We consider this aspect in the development of design systems and include applicable proposals in our concepts.

Brand guidelines

The successful implementation of the overall brand appearance depends greatly on quality and brand conformity of individual applications. Based on clear and understandable rules, we develop guidelines for internal and external designers to facilitate the production of relevant applications. In this set of rules, applications such as printed and electronic media are described and defined. This will help to ensure that the overall brand appearance is implemented consistently

> Brand refreshment

For some companies, it may be appropriate to only slightly revise the brand design for strategic reasons. Hereby, a refreshment and the harmonization of the design as a whole stands in the foreground.

> Brand redesign

In the course of a repositioning, a complete overhaul of the brand design often makes sense. Again, individual elements, such as the color scheme, may create a reference to the old brand appearance and thus facilitate recognition.


Only the implementation of various applications brings your brand to life and makes it tangible. Depending on customer requirements, we also monitor all marketing activities in the long term. Next to the development of design concepts, we additionally offer comprehensive design solutions: print, web design, trade show or exhibition design, brand movies or the supervision of social networks. The following services are selected examples.

Printed collateral

Example corporate brochure: It conveys key messages, benefits, and of course the identity of your company. We will find customized visual expressions and put an emphasis on material and quality next to idea, concept, text and images.

Packaging design

Packaging is a brand statement in a nutshell: The interplay of color, shape, typeface and haptics gives a product a distinctive feel. We develop attractive and high-quality packaging systems and thus provide an additional incentive at the PoS.

Brand and image films

Moving images make it possible to present a brand vividly and in an entertaining way. Especially in the digital area, at trade shows or in presentations, animations and movies provide the opportunity to present your company impactfully. We create bespoke brand and image films and depict the character of your brand in a lively and dynamic way.

Interior and exhibition

Emotional experiences are created through the presentation of brands in three-dimensional space. Tying closely to the strategic positioning and based on the visual core elements we create environmental designs that are attractive, functional and compelling. To ensure the best possible implementation, we work closely with selected architects and exhibition stand constructors.

Wayfinding systems

Fast and effective orientation is facilitated by logical and without prior knowledge interpretable signage. We develop systematic and individual signage systems, taking architecture, design, color theory, psychology, sensory perception and cultural backgrounds into account.


Web sites often provide a first contact between potential customers and businesses. For this reason, a website should be implemented user-friendly and in a contemporary and emotional manner. We support you to present your company and product range in an engaging way and extend your brand story digitally. In addition, we pay attention to search engine optimization. At the same time, the content will be structured so that it corresponds to the reading habits of your target audience and goes hand in hand with the brand positioning.


Campaigns are idea-driven marketing initiatives that will communicate in various areas specific measures or innovations. Whether internal staff training, point of sale promotions, advertising campaigns or product launches, we will design, plan and visualize your campaigns.

Power applications

A power application is an implementation that is particularly expressive and has a positive impact on the brand image – we are seeking for something special. These individual applications are very creative, and thus leading to an increased brand awareness and a sharper demarcation from competition.

Brand trainings and workshops

Your employees are the main ambassadors of your brand and play a key role in customer contact and their social environment. In order to raise awareness among and to train employees, it is necessary to adopt an appropriate internal communication strategy. Upon request, we create an employee manual, which will explain all kind of employee behavior in addition to the graphical implementation and mission statement. And we are happy to present and reflect your brand identity through internal workshops and training sessions.

Brand guardianship

The implementation of design is often done by various service providers: Whether programmers, exhibition stand builders or printers, as brand guardian we ensure a careful and proper implementation. We hereby interact as quality manager and interface between your and external suppliers or enable selected employees to take over this function.

Holistic design approach

When we implement applications for you, then we always have the entire brand appearance in view. We make sure that brochures, advertisements and of course interactive media are compliant with the look & feel and harmoniously underline the overall image. Hereby our experience helps to explore the limitations and find creative solutions within your corporate identity.

Our latest projects

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Metzger & Sohn stands for unmistakable Tyrolean flavors. As a virtual selling point for alpine meat from Tyrol, Metzger & Sohn offers its customers a culinary world of flavors full of mountains, juicy herbs and cozy parlors.

Metzger & Sohn

Bistum Passau

The Diocese of Passau is a Roman Catholic diocese in Germany and a suffragan of the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising. It covers an area of 5,442 km² and is famous for its St. Stephen's Cathedral, a baroque church from 1688 and seat of the Catholic Bishop of Passau.

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Carl Schaefer

Carl Schaefer, a gold and silver refinery, has been an expert for processing gold, silver and platinum since its founding in 1861. It is a competent partner for precious metal industries, creative crafting, jewellers and private customers.

Carl Schaefer


Troyan is a municipality in Central Bulgaria with a territory of 88,885 km². It used to be a fast-growing industrial region, but with post-Soviet transitions it lost its importance. To counteract this downward trend, the local administration pursued a strategic realignment.