Connecting construction to its digital tomorrow

Cobuilder is a digital company in the construction industry, which provides the means for creating a digital passport of each construction product. It is founded in Norway over twenty years ago and has offices in Bulgaria, UK and France.

The task

The products' complexity, paired with inconsistent brand architecture, made the offering futuristic and challenging to sell. Therefore, INTO Branding proposed and justified a rebranding strategy of decluttering and simplifying all the content to make it fluent and straightforward to grasp.


The solution

We tapped into the category with thorough research. It catalysed an insightful workshop which we moderated to extract the team’s opinion. We stirred these learnings into Cobuilder’s mission and vision. What inspired us is the team authentic desire to make a positive impact and change the construction industry for the better. The rebranding strategy bridges the long-standing heritage with the disruptive vision for the future. Alongside the new logo, INTO Branding implemented a simplified brand architecture which allows smooth integrations of the upcoming products. Furthermore, the rebranding instils pride and passion in the team, encouraging employees to push boundaries and nurture curiosity.

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Raya Drenski
Business Development
Current Projects


COMMAND CONTROL - an international event format that presents cybersecurity from a whole new perspective. Being unique in Germany and claiming to be the leading Summit in Europe, Messe München, as host and initiator, networks opinion leaders, decision-makers and data protection experts across sectors to meet the growing challenges of digitization in a holistic context.

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The name Planatol stands for high quality adhesive technology. As one of the leading suppliers of adhesives, adhesive applications and application systems, Planatol serves the wood, paper and packaging markets and offers customized solutions for many other industries.

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Pure Flavour

Pure Flavours are high-quality food aromas. They are calorie-free, highly concentrated and have a harmonious taste profile. This has a great advantage: Healthy dishes with little sugar or fat are often perceived as too monotonous. With a few drops of Pure Flavour, the food or drink can easily be refined with intense taste.

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Bistum Passau

The Diocese of Passau is a Roman Catholic diocese in Germany and a suffragan of the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising. It covers an area of 5,442 km² and is famous for its St. Stephen's Cathedral, a baroque church from 1688 and seat of the Catholic Bishop of Passau.

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