Adaptive Engineering

Inkutec is a German market leader in the production of storage and sterilisation containers for medical instruments. The company considers itself a pioneer in terms of flexibility, guaranteeing a product that is optimised to perfectly match customer needs and always complies with the latest standards of technology.

The task

Inkutec‘s brand presence dated back to the company‘s founding years. Ever since, no actions had been taken to adapt the visual appearance to the company‘s ambitions or technological achievements. The new corporate design was supposed to communicate the product characteristics as well as the company‘s USP, and further guarantee both long-term applicability and a modern appearance.

The solution

Inkutec produces high-quality medical containers, which adapt perfectly to each implant and instrument. This flexibility is communicated by a continuously changing brand mark that still keeps its basic characteristics at all times. This concept and the claim “adaptive engineering“ are expressed both visually and verbally. More at www.inkutec.de

Weitere Informationen über dieses Projekt erhalten Sie von:
Florian Schubert
Managing Partner, Design
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